Windows 10 laptop on sale for less than 200 euros on Amazon

If you are looking for a cheap convertible laptop with Windows 10 , something basic for office automation and surfing the Internet , look no further: there is a flash offer on Amazon really interesting. It is a Medion whose price drops from € 169, but only during today so do not get distracted and run before the units run out.

This basic laptop with W10 has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of eMMc storage, although they are expandable with a memory card. Its price is the best of all, and today is available for only € 169 . It is practically unbeatable and probably ranks as the cheapest Windows 10 laptop you can find.

The rest of the characteristics of this Medion MD 60687 move in line with those mentioned. Intel Atom X5 processor and HD LED touch screen 11.6 inches in size . Of course, keep in mind that this laptop on sale at Amazon only has that price if you buy it in purple. You can also buy it in black, white, gold and in its 4 GB version of RAM but it is more expensive.

In addition, surprisingly, it includes WiFi AC , the new connection standard that is several times faster than normal.

If you are not particularly demanding in the aesthetic aspect, with this computer you will have more than enough for many tasks. It is true that 2 GB starts to be few for Windows 10, but still works smoothly in its 32-bit version.

That in addition to being a cheap computer include Windows 10 is something to value positively . The price of the official license for the operating system must be discounted, and although many do not believe it, Windows is not free.


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