The OMEN by HP 880 desktop unleashes its power in eSports

Performance, avant-garde design and attractive price. These three are the hallmarks of the range of gaming equipment that HP introduced last year and that, after a first approach to the gamer sector in both laptops and desktop, has been renewed from top to bottom in 2017.

The OMEN by HP range is composed of a range of equipment designed to meet any need of players, from the portability and versatility of laptops to desktop performance. Of course, they also have equipment for another type of audience, such as the powerful OMEN X laptops or the PC that can be attached to a backpack to enjoy virtual reality without cables.

Maximum performance on the desktop

And, although the range of OMEN by HP laptops performs perfectly in all games thanks to the different hardware options we have at our disposal, the most enthusiastic always seek to go a step further with the components of your PC gaming .

It is an OMEN with an Intel Core i7-7700K at 4.2 (with OC of 4.5 GHz), a GTX 1080 with 8 GB of VRAM GDDRX memory and 32 GB of DDR memory at 2400 MHz. Yes, it is a authentic beast that does not need a good OC to perform at its best in all games, but which, even so, would allow us to extract more juice within a few years.

And, one of the characteristics of this PC is the capacity for expansion in all senses. Both outside and inside. Literally.

A custom PC

When a desktop PC is chosen, it is, as a general rule, due to the possibilities of expansion. In the past, changing any component of a PC was a rather tedious task due to the amount of screws that were unscrewed.

The OMEN by HP 880 has a lever that opens the side of the PC (with a transparent window that lets us see the internal components). In this way we can change any of the components as if it were a PC made to pieces .

Of course, if you do not want to change elements such as the processor, but to get more performance from the CPU, you can choose to overclock the i7-7700K chip . The ending in ” K ” of this CPU tells us that it is unlocked and ready to increase power.

When we do OC we have to have a heatsink in conditions and OMEN by HP desktop units have liquid cooling that maintains the CPU, in the tests we have done, always around 50º. This is vital for the team’s gene.




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