The importance of power and a good monitor in the shooter

In the competition, all the seconds are vital. Losing sight of the objective presumably means defeat. Therefore, we must seek to compete with the best tools and HP, after the presentation of its OMEN family, is making sure that this is so.

OMEN is the name that the HP gaming family receives and that includes everything from portable equipment to desktops and a hybrid that is ideal for virtual reality .

Power at a reasonable price and with good aesthetics are the hallmarks of OMEN by HP and, in addition, all this is combined with an ecosystem of peripherals and monitors to delight gamers who want to experience the competition (or the game to the highest quality) within the ecosystem of a single brand.

Is not power everything?

One of Omen’s gaming PCs is the OMEN by HP 880 , a desktop or desktop computer, which has been profoundly renewed to offer a more aggressive aesthetic and a power far superior to that of last year’s series.

We find equipment that assembles the latest from AMD and Intel in terms of processors , but also graphics cards, where Nvidia is added to this equation. HP wants its OMEN to be synonymous with eSports and play at the highest level and, therefore, support different League of Legends and Overwatch competitions .

We have had the O MEN by HP with an i7-7700K processor, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2400 MHz and the Nvidia GTX 1080 8 GB graphics card . This device is capable of moving CS: GO almost always above 250 frames per second in maximum configuration.

However, not everything is graphic power in the PC, we also need a monitor to match the height of the frame rate that gives us our GPU and CPU and play, well, in the best conditions. Therefore, a good ally of the competitive game is a monitor like the OMEN 25 .

Performance in shooters

The combination between the components of the PC and the performance of the same with a monitor that has an adequate refresh rate, allows you to enjoy the shooters and be better than the rival. Of course, not because we have the best pieces we will play better, but in a more pleasant way.

And is that, in a competitive shooter like Counter Strike: Global Offensive , cornerstone of many major electronic sports tournaments, the speed at which the game moves is essential.

It is a first-person shooter that consists of two phases within the competitive games. The first is to deploy, usually going as a team, until you contact the rival team. When this happens, only the precision of the player and the rapidity of reflexes allows to emerge victorious.

At this point the power of the equipment and the monitor come into play. The higher the frame rate per second, the more smoothly the image moves. This is something that directly depends on both the refresh rate of the monitor , and the connection between CPU, GPU and, ultimately, RAM.

In a panel with resolution 1440p, the equipment would be maintained above the 144 frames per second that are capable of giving the OMEN screens. And, a high rate of frames is linked to a better gaming experience and, in the end, to enjoy more the moments in which we compete, whether for fun … or to win.


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