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Samsung has fixed a MAJOR problem with its Galaxy Fold phone just in time for release

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is due to go on sale next month, and the South Korean tech giant is furiously testing the new device ahead of release.

It has even gone as far as to build a robot to test whether the Galaxy Fold can outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds (or around five years of use, if used 100 times a day).

The South Korean smartphone maker has released a video of the test, which reportedly took a full week to complete.

The video shows the robot repeatedly folding and unfolding six Galaxy Fold phones, with close-up shots of the flexible display showing no visible crease.

(Image: Samsung)
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“While the extent of the test may seem like overkill to some, Samsung viewed it as vital to ensuring the durability of device’s hinged design and Infinity Flex Display,” the company said in a statement.

Samsung had to develop new manufacturing processes for the phone’s hinge, which has multiple interlocking gears to allow it to withstand being opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times.

The company has reportedly been working overtime to eliminate the crease down the middle of the display, where the phone folds.

A leaked video of the new device emerged last week , showing that, even when fully opened out, the internal display had a very visible crease down the middle.

(Image: Samsung)
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However, Samsung has since confirmed that the device in the unofficial video from Vietnam is not a final production unit.

“The device used in the YouTube video may have been a prototype or rejected production device. We don’t know,” Samsung spokesperson Cella Sin told Foldable News .

“But what we do know is that the phones going to the end-users will have no crease whatsoever. Not even when the display is off, or all white.”

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is due to hit shelves on Friday May 3, 2019 , with pre-orders opening a week earlier on April 26.


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The new device is available exclusively through EE in the UK, and will set you back £1,799 – including a free pair of Galaxy Buds earphones and a protective case.

There’s four colours to choose from: Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue, although the latter two colours will be exclusive to Samsung, and therefore not available on EE.


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