5 reasons why Windows is better than Mac

Are you thinking about buying a new computer ? If you have not yet decided on a model (or operating system), we will give you five reasons why Windows is better than Mac to help you make your choice. That is, reasons why you should consider buying a PC with Windows before an Apple computer.

We’ll agree on something: Microsoft’s operating system is, by far, the most popular and used by users around the world. Although the implementation and use data alone can not determine that it is the best operating system, the mere fact of being the standard alternative gives it a series of advantages that macOS does not enjoy. And we had to do this article: many were waiting for it after we published the 5 reasons why Mac is better than Windows .

In this case, let’s explain the opposite: the reasons why Microsoft’s operating system is better than Apple’s . The main reasons why Windows is better than Mac are that the price of equipment is cheaper, that it offers more flexibility than Apple when it comes to setting up a computer or that it has a broader catalog of both programs and videogames. .

In addition, being the most used operating system, the manufacturers of software, accessories and peripherals take it more into account when developing their products, so you will have much less compatibility problems. Here we detail the main reasons why choose a Windows computer .

5. Windows computers are cheaper

The price is one of the main advantages of Windows versus Mac . While buying a new Apple computer costs more than 1,000 euros from the most basic alternative, we can find a wide range of Windows equipment below that price that perfectly meet the needs of many users.

It should be noted that it is possible to configure a PC in pieces with the same power and performance as a Mac at a cheaper price . In addition, we must also bear in mind that in case you have to make repairs or replace a component, if you have an Apple computer you will find it more expensive than if you have a Windows computer.

4. Windows offers more flexibility

Another reason why Windows is better than Mac is that it provides more flexibility than Apple for the user to configure the computer according to their personal needs and requirements.

To buy a Mac we have to choose between the models and configurations available in the Apple store or authorized dealers, and the possibilities of updating and improvement are virtually non-existent without the intervention of the technical service of the Cupertino company.

3. Touch screen, only in Windows

A computer with touch screen can be very useful to perform various tasks, such as taking notes by hand using a digital pen or drawing and sketches by hand. If you are interested in this feature, Windows offers support for the use of this type of screen and is betting heavily on it in its entire Surface range.

However, Apple has shown no interest in incorporating this feature in their desktops or laptops – beyond the iPad Pro -. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy the advantages provided by a touch screen, the operating system that allows you to do so is Windows.

2. The video game catalog is much wider

If you are a gamer, Windows is better operating system for you than macOS . Although in recent years increasingly we find more games for Mac, the truth is that the catalog of video games is much wider and varied in the case of Windows.

To check this, it is enough, for example, to take a look at the Steam catalog. If we filter the available titles in the Valve platform by operating system, we can see that for Windows there are more than twice as many games as for Mac . For this reason, users of macOS who want to run PC games on their Mac have to resort to solutions such as installing Windows with Boot Camp.

1. Windows is the “standard” operating system

Another of the main reasons why Windows is better than Mac is that Microsoft’s operating system is by far the most used in the market. According to the data collected by Net Market Share , last December Windows topped the ranking with a market share of 88.51% , followed very far by macOS with 9.02% and Linux by 2.12% .

In practice, that Windows is the standard operating system means that, when developing new products, companies give priority to Windows versions in order to reach a greater number of users . This is the reason why many applications, video games, accessories and peripherals are only available for PC, and not for Mac.

Therefore, having a computer with the Microsoft operating system guarantees compatibility with many more products than macOS , a very good reason to opt for Windows when buying a computer.


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